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Hangman start

How to play hangman

Guess the letters.
If a letter occurs in the word it is filled in the blanks with that letter in the right places. If the word does not contain the suggested letter, it is drawn one element of a hangman's gallows. The number of incorrect guesses before the game ends is a minimum of six wrong answers.


How to play unscramble

Guess the letters.
The strategy of this way is to spell the word from left to right. Start out by finding out which letter goes on the beginning of the word. The next step is to find the next letter.
If the puzzle is solved you can guess another word.
If it is not solved click the wrong letters to find out again.

Type the number of words you want to play with:

How to play memory game

First of all, write number of words you want to play.
Aim is to find all the matching pairs of picture and word. At start, all the pictures and words are face down. Click the boxes to uncover them. If the last picture and word don't match, they will again turn face down. Repeat till you uncover all the pairs.

The game is also known as Concentration, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso and Pairs.

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