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all vehicle prohibitedtraffic signs, bend to righttraffic signs, buses prohibitedtraffic signs, crossroadstraffic signs, double bend first to the lefttraffic signs, end of dual carriagewaytraffic signs, give awaytraffic signs, hump bridgetraffic signs, level crossingtraffic signs, loose chippingstraffic signs, maximum speed limittraffic signs, minimum speed limittraffic signs, motor cycles prohibitedtraffic signs, motor vehicles prihibitedtraffic signs, no entrytraffic signs, no overtakingtraffic signs, no stoppingtraffic signs, no through roadtraffic signs, no u-turnstraffic signs, no waitingtraffic signs, one-way traffictraffic signs, other danger aheadtraffic signs, parking placetraffic signs, pedestrians prohibitedtraffic signs, risk of falling rockstraffic signs, road narrows on both sidestraffic signs, road narrows on righttraffic signs, road workstraffic signs, roudabouttraffic signs, side windtraffic signs, slippery roadtraffic signs, speed limit zonetraffic signs, icetraffic signs, steep hill downwardstraffic signs, steep hill upwardstraffic signs, traffic queues aheadtraffic signs, traffic signalstraffic signs, tunneltraffic signs, turn lefttraffic signs, two-way traffictraffic signs, uneven roadtraffic signs


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